Business Experts

Our Managing Director, Nick Hampton, has spent over 25 years in the Accountancy Profession, but has always had a flair for systemisation.

We have seen hundreds of businesses succeed and fail, so are in the unique position to help steer your business towards success and away from failure.  Whilst every business owner will have their own appetite for risk / reward, we will work with you to help drive you towards your goals.  It’s so common nowadays for “Business Experts” to deliver a 7 step training program to deliver “guaranteed success”, but it’s our ethos that every business is unique, as our the skills and expertise of the business owner.

That’s why our Business Expert will tailor a program just for you – whether you need help systemising, with growth, with succession planning, or simply just to form a company the right way, we are here to help.

Business Plan

One question we quite often get asked is for a “template” of a business plan.  There are many examples of these online, but a business plan is a very personal document for the business, not one which is a case of filling in the boxes.

Of course a Profit Forecast will have a similar layout from business to business, but the heading, the figures and the focus is very different depending on the industry, the business and the person.

This will be done with regular meetings (virtual or face to face) in which we can discuss your vision, help you regardless if you are a start up or an established business.  We will review your marketing process, sales processes, your production and your financial systems to help streamline your business, and ensure you have the tools and information to run your business how you want to.

The process we use ranges from business coaching, systemisation, goal setting, accountability sessions and progress reports to ensure you are on the way to success.