Systemisation Experts

Every business should follow a simple strategy:

Have people that revolve around a system – never have a system that revolves around people

Many small businesses fall into this trap, by either keeping information in their head, or more commonly delegating to another person who does it their own way and having to wait until that person is back into the office to find an answer.

Cloud systems have come a long way in the last 10 years, and with internet speeds increasing, and possible uncertainty about working location (most recently seen with the pandemic), having the cloud at the centre of your systems is an obvious choice.

If ever you are unsure about whether you’ve properly systemised your business, ask yourself a few very simple questions:

If I had to take 4 weeks off unexpectedly, would everyone else still be able to function efficiently?

If a key member of staff took off 4 weeks unexpectedly, would I be able to fill in or get a temp to fill in?

If my laptop was lost / stolen / corrupted, how long would I not be able to function for, and what information / software would I lose?

If any of the above brings you out in a cold sweat, you know you’ve got to make some changes, and I can guarantee it’s easier to do it by choice than it is to do it out of necessity when one of the above scenarios occurs.

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