Business Growth Coaching

Would you like to take your business to the next level?  We can help your business become more profitable with our Business Growth Coaching service.

We would look at the following aspects of your business:

  • Financial Performance
  • Systems
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Marketing Process
  • Sales Process

Once we have this information and a full understanding of your business, we then move onto the next phase of improvements and growth.

  • Discussion with you to understand your plan
  • Goal Setting– 5 years / 3 years / 12 months / 6 months / 3 months and monthly
  • Overhead reduction
  • Systemisation improvements
  • Risk reduction
  • Marketing tips
  • Sales training
  • Accountability sessions
  • Measuring results

Our Business Growth Coaching service isn’t something quick.  We need to fully analyse your business, not only from a financial point of view, but also from a customer point of view, and how your staff see the business and vision.

Each of the elements within the Business Coaching take time, but the best part is you will very quickly start seeing improvements.  It may be as simple as seeing your overheads reduce by a few percentage points, or even just having the information you’ve never had before to fully understand and evaluate the performance of the business.  All of the different elements which you thought weren’t possible, or you didn’t have the time to accomplish will suddenly be possible.

Taking the time to see the tangible benefits that our Business Coaching service will bring you, which reach much further than a “standard” service which repeats the same program over and over, regardless whether that’s the part of the business which needs focus.  We will target the weak parts of the business and put robust and durable solutions in place so the results and benefits can be felt for years to come.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a quick process, but the idea will be to move your business in the right direction, focussing on your strengths and giving you tips and ideas which will help your business move to the next level – all with manageable steps and evaluation / accountability sessions to ensure you are pushing your business in the direction you wanted.