We are able to help you with your VAT obligations.  If we look after your bookkeeping for you, we are likely to include this as part of the service, but if you do your own bookkeeping, we are able to take a look through your VAT Return and give it a “once over” prior to submission.

This will result in fewer mistakes, and a lower probability of investigation.  As many business owners already either know or fear, an HMRC investigation can go on for weeks, months and in many cases, years.  Therefore, this is something that ultimately you want to avoid as a business owner, as in most cases, HMRC will be investigating with the belief that there is underpaid VAT.

It is therefore well worth having an accountant review your figures for errors which are so easy to make now, especially with the constant changes in VAT rules, more recently the change for VAT in the Construction Industry.

Give us a call to find out how we can help you.