Self Assessment

Whilst Self Assessment was originally designed to make personal tax so easy that everyone could simply do their own, unfortunately expecting business owners to study the in’s and out’s of Personal Tax, Partnership Taxes (including overlap relief rules), Capital Gains Tax and everything else which can go into a SA100 (Self Assessment Return) is anything other than simple.

At RSZ Accountancy, we go the extra mile.  We are proactive in doing everything we can to work with you, and advise you of what’s possible.  Therefore, after you’ve provided all your information, we will get everything summarised, and then explore any other possibilities and ways of reducing your tax due (within legislation) – we can then have that discussion with you before finalising the return.  We will then send you a summary before uploading your Self Assessment Return (SA100) to your client portal for signature, and then providing you with a copy of the return if needed, together with your Tax Calculation (SA302) and an e-mail explaining what to pay, how to pay and when to pay.

In addition, we can help you move from loose records to digital record keeping, using systems like Xero and Dext, without any huge efforts from yourself.  This will also streamline your business, making you more efficient, invoice your customers faster, get paid faster and easier, and be compliant with the new MTD ITSA rules.  Contact Us today to learn how we can help.