RSZ Accountancy are NEST Delegates, which allow us to take your Payroll services one step further.

Once you have approved the payroll, we are able to upload the required information to NEST on your behalf.  In addition, we can deal with the employee communication and TPR submission to ensure you are complying with your Auto Enrolment obligations as an employer.

*If you are using another Pension Provider, we may be able to assist with the submissions, please get in touch and we can confirm this for you.

*Please note, we do not endorse or recommend NEST in any way.  We have provided this as an illustration of the assistance we can provide.  There are many other Auto Enrolment compliant Pension Providers, and we do not endorse any over another.  If you would like advice on which Pension Provider to use for your company, please seek advice from an Independent Financial Advisor, or alternatively we can put you in touch with one.