Limited Company Accounts

Every Limited Company has a statutory requirement to produce accounts every year.  At RSZ Accountancy, we are able to help you prepare your year end accounts, whether you are producing Dormant Company Accounts, FRS105 (Micro Entity Accounts) or FRS102(1A) (Small Company Accounts).

The best part is that we are there to guide you through the minefield of the Companies Act and ensure you produce accounts which are not only compliant with legislation, but also which can be used within your business so you can see the performance of the business and ensure you are achieving your goals, and can also be used to help compile the CT600 (Corporation Tax Return)

Limited Company

Limited Company Accounts can be so much more than “Complying with Statutory Requirements”.  There is information contained within the accounts which can show you how you have performed year on year, the balance sheet which can show you the “scrap value” of the business on the balance sheet date, but most importantly you should be using your accounts to not only see how the historical performance has been, but also to make decisions on how the business should run moving forwards.

Why not contact us today to find out how we can help you, or perhaps have a look at a sample set of accounts which can be prepared alongside the “statutory” accounts.