Chaser Partners

Chaser is another app in the family of apps we use to work alongside Xero.

Chaser is an incredibly clever app, which will read your Xero data and carry out some of the credit control for you.  It is fully customisable, so you have the control as to how Credit Control is carried out.

Consider some of the examples which will illustrate how Chaser can benefit your business:

  • Want to take a different approach to different customers, for example you don’t want to take the “hard” approach to the loyal customers who always pay on time, but don’t want to take the “soft” approach on those customers who only respond to the “threats”? – Chaser can manage this
  • Have customers which ignore the chasing e-mails from your accounts team, but suddenly pay attention when the Director e-mails? – Chaser can manage this
  • Want to have the control to stop chasing e-mails to certain customers whilst automating the others? – Chaser can manage this
  • Want to set a new expected payment date without amending the invoices, and stop chasing until after this date? – Chaser can manage this

The best part about Chaser doing the above, is that its fully automated once it’s been set up, without the need for constant monitoring.