Every business owner knows that “cash is king”, and we fully support you on this view.  This is why it’s important to not only know what’s in the bank today, but also what’s going to be in the bank next week, next month, next quarter.

This is where we can introduce you to Fluidly – an intuitive piece of software which will analyse your data, and start to understand patterns of your customers to work out when an invoice is going to be paid.  For example, most cashflows work on the due date of an invoice, but if a customer is notorious on paying their invoices 14 days late, Fluidly will pick up on this and forecast their money to arrive 14 days after the due date.

We offer all of our Xero clients Fluidly Lite free of charge, as it’s such a useful tool to be able to see the forward cashflow of your business, and also allows you to create a “what if” scenario which will allow you to make decisions for the future of your business.